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Tuomo - Tindercaust

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Tuomo (Tuomo Prättälä) is a soul/R&B singer, jazz pianist, composer and producer who will not be confined to a single genre.

He has toured the world as a member bands such as Quintessence, Ilmiliekki Quartet,Tuomo & Markus, Verneri Pohjola Group.In 2007 he made a splash on the retro-soul scene with his debut album “My thing”,especially the lead single “Don’t take it too hard”,that spread like wildfire, largely thanks to the enthusiastic support of tastemaking DJGilles Peterson. Since then he’s made 3 more solo albums, stylistically ranging from symphonic soul through chamber pop to the electronic soundscapes of his latest “The New Mystique” (2014). After a few years of focusing on his jazz-tinged Americana project Tuomo & Markus as well as acoustic jazz band Ilmiliekki Quartet, producing and touring as a sideman for mainstream Finnish artists and trying his hand at composing contemporary classical pieces, he is releasing new music as Tuomo. The single

Tindercaust is released by Kieku Records on September 6th.